December 2015
SolTrekker friends and family,
After a relatively dormant period following the birth of my son (at least as far as the organization goes, toddlers are anything but dormant) I'm excited to begin engaging more with SolTrekker and with the Portland community to discern what organizational form we should take and what types of activities we should engage in. I definitely have some ideas and visions swirling around, but have learned that success in this type of organization revolves around building a hefty amount of community support, so that seems like the best place to start. Moving forward in this, we have some news and some changes to announce.

I recently published a sustainability-themed children's book, Sasha and the Solar Slug, and invite you to check it out. All profits go to the SolTrekker organization as we begin rebuilding capacity. It's available on Amazon or you can order it directly (at a discount) by contacting me at We had a lot of fun creating it and hope kids (and their grown-ups) have fun reading it.


Oh yeah, and the SolTrekker bus is for sale. (Maybe I buried the lede there.) It's been a great run, but we just don't feel like we're making the most of this tool, and the idea of focusing on local action is just more appealing at this point. . We would love to see it find a home where it can be improved and put to use in a way that benefits the community, and it's designed more along the lines of that type of use, rather than as a single family vehicle/residence. We're asking $20,000. The engine is in great shape but the interior and a few of the systems could use a fair amount of TLC. For more information, please contact me at

Thanks for your friendship over the years. Looking forward to many more.

--Ty Adams, Founder




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